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A song about love between a french and a filipino


(Verse 1)
In Paris' embrace, love found its grace,
Her laughter danced like Manila's warm embrace,
Two worlds entwined, hearts beating in rhyme,
French amour met Filipino sunshine.


Oh, in every kiss, in each tender embrace,
Two cultures unite, weaving love's embrace,
From Eiffel's allure to the islands' bright hue,
French amour and Filipino love, forever true.


(Verse 2)
Her eyes spoke Tagalog, his whispered in French,
Yet understanding bloomed in every shared glance,
Through Baguettes and Adobo, they found their delight,
In a symphony of cultures, their love took flight.

From Seine's gentle flow to the shores kissed by sea,
Their love's a melody, a union so free,
French passion entwined with Filipino's embrace,
A love story written with elegance and grace.


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