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Genre: Rap

About: Life in Philadelphia


1.    Philly Chronicles: Streets Unveiled
2.    Liberty City Rhymes
3.    Concrete Jungle Jams
4.    City of Brotherly Bars
5.    Schuylkill Stories: Philly Flow
6.    Rocky Roads and Rhymes
7.    Cheesesteak Beats: Philly Life
8.    Benjamin’s Beatscape
9.    Urban Odyssey: Philly Edition
10.    City Lights Cipher
11.    Philly Groove Chronicles

12.    Cobblestone Cadence
13.    South Street Serenades
14.    Gritty City Symphony
15.    Philadelphia Phlow
16.    Delaware Delta Discourse
17.    76 Bars to Freedom
18.    Pharaohs of the Penn
19.    Liberty Bell Lyricism 

20.    Broad Street Ballads


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